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Hydro Cleansing provides a thorough Fat Trap service and disposes of any waste in a safe and environmentally friendly way. We are available 24/7 to respond to emergency call outs as well as perform scheduled servicing to keep your business hygienic and fully functioning.

We are the leading Fat Trap Servicing specialists in London and the South East. We are the only Environmental and Drainage Company operating a fully bespoke and elite waste management tanker fleet. Our Fat Trap services range from emptying and cleaning, waste removal, preventative solutions, right through to offering Fat Trap management programmes. No matter the size of your Fat Trap drainage system we can provide you with all the services which you will require.

Fat trap Cleaning and Disposal service

Need for Fat Trap Emptying/Cleaning?

Grease and Fat Traps are a vital part of any commercial kitchen or food preparation area, many residential and multiple occupancy residence also make use of Fat Traps. They help to prevent harmful grease, fats and oils from entering drainage systems and sewer lines where they can cause potential blockages. Without regular servicing, Fat Traps can become overwhelmed with grease and oils which can lead to very serious health risks to employees, customers. This waste can also prove to be extremely hard to dispose of and can cause unpleasant odours if not regularly maintained.

There are several different legal requirements in place which help to prevent drains and sewers becoming affected by fat oil and grease. The Environment Agency takes adherence to the legal requirements very seriously, enforcing penalties and prosecution to those who fail to have the appropriate means to dispose of their oily waste. As authorised, trained and highly skilled operatives in Fat Trap Services, you can guarantee that we will ensure that your Fat Traps are cleaned and maintained to highest standards.


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Some Of Our Services

Fat Trap Emptying and Cleaning

Fat Trap Emptying & Cleaning

Fat Traps require regular emptying and cleaning, most commonly once they are 25% full. Our Fat Trap Emptying and Cleaning service, will ensure that your Fat Trap containers or Fat Collecting systems are emptied and cleansed thoroughly in the most efficient and cost effective way.

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Fat Trap Waste Removal and Disposal

Fat Trap Waste Removal & Disposal

As licensed waste carriers and waste recyclers we will safely remove and dispose of the waste produced from your Fat Trap or fat collecting container. So you won’t have to worry about where your waste ends up once we have emptied and cleaned your Fat Trap.

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Fat Trap Management

Fat Trap Management

Our Fat Trap management programmes offer you the peace of mind that you’re Fat Traps will always be serviced through emptying and cleaning. Our Management programmes are designed to ensure that your Fat Traps are serviced and maintained in accordance to laws and regulations.

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