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Fat traps emptying and cleaning

Fat Traps are a legal requirement for commercial kitchens and food preparation establishments. The environment agency have been known to prosecute those who fail to adhere to fat trap legislation. We have helped to ensure that many businesses across the UK are fully compliant by providing Fat Trap Services.

There are many laws and regulation which relate directly to Fat Trap Management here are some of the main area’s for reference in a summary.

UK Water Industry Act 1991

Section S111(1) states "no person shall throw or empty any matter likely to injure the sewer or drain, to interfere with the free flow of its contents."

Whilst this is broad, it doesn’t just cover Grease. Water companies have received compensation from offending companies found and proven to be responsible for grease disposal in the incorrect and inappropriate manor.

Building Regulations. Part H (Drainage & Waste Disposal) 2002

This regulation holds more weight as it is more specific to how grease should be managed.

2.21 states "Drainage serving kitchens in commercial hot food premises should be fitted with a grease separator." Regulation does not get clearer than this, and flows on from Fat Traps being installed in the appropriate premises including; Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, bakeries and fast food chains.

The Food Safety Act 1990 will allow local authorities to take action when premises are found to present problems as a result of poor grease management.

The Environmental Protection Act 1991 Under this act a duty of care is placed upon the company to dispose of waste carefully this includes FOG’s (FAT, OILS & GREASE). This act applies a "statutory nuisance" which means complaints of smells and blockages give local authorities the power to serve an abetment order to stop this and prosecute if not complied with.

(European Council) Animal By-products regulations 1774/2002 covers waste being disposed of via a licenced carrier. We are fully licenced waste carries with full compliance. 2007 saw a regulation which stopped liquid grease being disposed of at landfill sites, so we ensure that we dispose of waste safely and in accordance to regulations. Grease regulation is a very controlled and taken very serious, placing emphasis on the amount of damage that grease can cause with blockages and for the environment.

Those who have tried to defy laws and regulations have been presented with the full force of the law. A restaurant in Wiltshire has been fined more than £30,000 for not having a Fat Trap. The environment agency have handed fines levied against establishments for failing to comply.

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Some Of Our Services

Fat Trap Emptying and Cleaning

Fat Trap Emptying & Cleaning

Fat Traps require regular emptying and cleaning, most commonly once they are 25% full. Our Fat Trap Emptying and Cleaning service, will ensure that your Fat Trap containers or Fat Collecting systems are emptied and cleansed thoroughly in the most efficient and cost effective way.

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Fat Trap Waste Removal and Disposal

Fat Trap Waste Removal & Disposal

As licensed waste carriers and waste recyclers we will safely remove and dispose of the waste produced from your Fat Trap or fat collecting container. So you won’t have to worry about where your waste ends up once we have emptied and cleaned your Fat Trap.

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Fat Trap Management

Fat Trap Management

Our Fat Trap management programmes offer you the peace of mind that you’re Fat Traps will always be serviced through emptying and cleaning. Our Management programmes are designed to ensure that your Fat Traps are serviced and maintained in accordance to laws and regulations.

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