What is Fat Trap?

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Fat traps emptying and cleaning

Common names for Fat Traps:

   Grease Interceptor

   Fat, Oil Grease Trap

   Grease Recovery Device

   Fat, Oil and Grease Container

   Fat Collector

There are serval names to describe a Fat Trap device, essentially they all do the same thing. A Fat Trap intercepts or traps most fat, oil, grease and solids entering wastewater disposal and drainage systems, flowing through the device before entering the sewer system. Fat Traps act as an important part of commercial kitchen and food preparation establishments as they significantly reduce the amount of fats oils and greases that reach sewer, which later form Fatbergs.

The industry term for Grease and Fat is, Animal Fats and Vegetable Oils which is 10 – 15 percent less dense than water. A Fat Trap functions so that wastewater can flow through the grease interceptor, with the fat rising to the top, dispensing cleansed water out of the bottom of the trap and into the sewer or waste water drainage system.

Why You Need a Fat Trap?

Fat Traps are a legal and necessary requirement if grease is a component of your establishment, for household it is a discretionary option. There are many laws and regulations which directly relate to Fat Traps, view our blog on legislation to find out more.

Some Of Our Services

Fat Trap Emptying and Cleaning

Fat Trap Emptying & Cleaning

Fat Traps require regular emptying and cleaning, most commonly once they are 25% full. Our Fat Trap Emptying and Cleaning service, will ensure that your Fat Trap containers or Fat Collecting systems are emptied and cleansed thoroughly in the most efficient and cost effective way.

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Fat Trap Waste Removal and Disposal

Fat Trap Waste Removal & Disposal

As licensed waste carriers and waste recyclers we will safely remove and dispose of the waste produced from your Fat Trap or fat collecting container. So you won’t have to worry about where your waste ends up once we have emptied and cleaned your Fat Trap.

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Fat Trap Management

Fat Trap Management

Our Fat Trap management programmes offer you the peace of mind that you’re Fat Traps will always be serviced through emptying and cleaning. Our Management programmes are designed to ensure that your Fat Traps are serviced and maintained in accordance to laws and regulations.

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